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Wishing you could step into Oaxaca and discover it deeply, connecting with locals as you go? 

You don’t enjoy cookie-cutter tours and want an experience that is geared to you and your particular interests.

We are the tour company for you!

We help curious travelers experience Oaxaca’s rich culture and magnificent nature through genuine connection with locals. 

We offer private and small group tours with expert, bilingual guides with many years of experience. Our tours are all customizable according to your interests.

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Benito Hernández is a Zapotec from the Sierra Norte region of Oaxaca. He has over 25 years of experience working as a guide. He is very knowledgeable about the history, culture and traditions of this land, and is also an avid birder.
Suzanne Barbezat holds a degree in Anthropology from McGill University. and has been living in Oaxaca since 1998. She has 18 years experience in guiding, and is also a travel writer and author of Frida Kahlo at Home.

day trips

Spend a day immersed in the fascinating culture and magnificent natural world that you’ll only find in Oaxaca. Get to know the archaeology, architecture, food, art, and culture . Choose from the day trips below to experience a slice of what Oaxaca has to offer, or ask us to customize an itinerary for you.

Eastern Valley

Head east of Oaxaca city where we can see the Tule tree, Teotitlan del Valle weaving village, Mitla archaeological site, a mezcal distillery, and more. We can include a visit to Hierve el Agua if you like.

Southern Valley

Pottery, weaving, embroidery, woodcarving, and artistic heritage are the focus of the day. We’ll visit the workshops of great masters as well as a traditional market. 

Food Tours

Take a street food tour in Oaxaca city or make mole from scratch in a traditional village – grinding all the ingredients on a metate and cooking it over a wood fire, or even better, a customized culinary experience!

Dominican Route

Visit three majestic 16th Century churches and friaries of Santo Domingo Yanhuitlán, San Pedro & San Pablo Teposcolula and San Juan Bautista Coixtlahuaca in Oaxaca’s Mixteca Region.

Monte Alban

Visit the mountain-top capital of Zapotec civilization, learn about their advances in architecture, art, astronomy and medecine, and enjoy amazing views. Continue the day with a visit to a nearby village.

Birding and Nature Day Tour

Spend a day enjoying Oaxaca’s beautiful scenery, learning about the natural history, birds, animals and plants. We have a few options including going to the Sierra, around Monte Alban or some other spots.

multi-day tours

The best way to get to know a culture is to take more time, slow down, and immerse yourself in it. Our multi-day tours take you deep into the heart of Oaxaca where you’ll meet amazing people, learn about their traditions, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

One Week in Oaxaca: Highlights

Our one week Oaxaca highlights tour allows you to experience the best of what Oaxaca has to offer in a one week stay. Book your flight and we’ll take care of the rest, from reserving your accomodation to picking you up at the airport.

Ten Days Birding Itinerary

Starting around Oaxaca city, then heading up into the high sierra mountain range before continuing to the coast, this ten day birding trip will give you the the best opportunity to see birds of different ecosystems of Oaxaca state.

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