“We had a memorable stay in Oaxaca largely due to the work of Benito and Suzanne planning a two-day trip to the villages and sites around the valley of Oaxaca (Monte Alban, El Tule, Mitla, Teotitian, Etla, among others). They arranged our tour based on our particular interests and the days that village markets took place. Benito was an extraordinary guide/historian/philosopher/ story teller with an incredible fund of knowledge about the culture, people and current issues in Oaxaca society. We had lunch at the Etla Market capping a veritable photographic spree that we’ll always remember.”

– Richard and Sybil Shevlin

“We just returned from Oaxaca, and all three of us agreed that one of the main reasons that our trip was so wonderful was because you were our guide for three days: it was like traveling with a very smart friend with a comfortable (and air conditioned) car. Our hotels all offered small group tours, but it was obvious to us—especially when we saw groups at markets or restaurants—that being with you was so much more relaxed, fun, and personal. You tailored our trips to what you learned about our interests, and you were right every step of the way. You shared your knowledge and love of Oaxacan culture with us in a way that made it as interesting for our 13-year-old daughter as it was for us. I would highly recommend you as a guide to anyone interested in the art and culture of Oaxaca.”

– Barbara Winard, Ridgefield, CT

“Our stay in Oaxaca was greatly enriched by our time with you. We appreciate your patience, and for being flexible with our itineraries. We both enjoyed our conversations with you. Thank you for so generously sharing your knowledge of the history and people of Oaxaca. Some of the favorite moments of our week in Oaxaca were on our day trips with you. Debra counts lunch in the small cafe in San Pablo, near Mitla, as one of her favorite memories, and for me, the long, leisurely lunch in the restaurant across from Zeny Fuentes’s studio in San Martin Tilcajete.”

– Steve Palmen

“Suzanne Barbezat was my guide on two different trips to Oaxaca, and she has my highest recommendation. On the first trip we were all adults and on the second trip we were adults and children. I found Suzanne to be an excellent guide for both groups. She is extremely knowledgeable about the area, and was able to help us pick activities that were enjoyed by everyone. She explained the Oaxacan surroundings, history and customs in a way that was interesting for all of us, and because she is a native English-speaker, there was no problem in understanding what she said.

With the adults, we visited the many wonderful churches, colorful markets and amazing ruins, and Suzanne also was able to arrange for us to visit the homes and studios of artists and craftspeople, so that we were able to see their work and how they live. With the children, Suzanne arranged for us to have a “workshop” with a local painter and carver of wooden animals, and we spent an afternoon painting our own wooden animals with guidance from the artist – a highlight of the trip. We also took a wonderful hike in the mountains near Hierve el Agua, the “petrified waterfall”, and everyone was excited to see the scenery, the villages, and the many cows, horses, goats, donkeys and other animals wandering the roads and fields. We all ate several meals together, and Suzanne, a vegetarian herself, was able to help the vegetarian in our group learn how to find vegetarian food in Oaxaca – not an easy task.

Perhaps most importantly, everyone really liked and was comfortable with Suzanne – each day was fun and ended too soon! The kids found everything “awesome”, which is considerable praise from people who do not give praise easily.”

– Janet Brand, New York

“Our trip to Oaxaca was greatly enhanced by your insights and knowledge of the area. Especially important to us was your willingness to take us where we wanted to go and to augment it with exciting and fun side trips along the way as well as good places to eat. This combined with your laughter at our sometimes witty comments as well as your patience for our silly banter will always be in our memories of our trip to your home of Oaxaca.”

– John and Jenny, Trinidad, CA