Food Traditions

Food Traditions

Oaxaca is one of the most diverse states in Mexico – both culturally and biologically. This great diversity has led tosome amazing food. Would you like to sample some (or all of!) Oaxaca’s specialties, learn about the background and history of the ingredients and the place where they come together to create awesome taste experiences? Join us on one of our food tours!

Street Food Tour

Our street food tour is a three-hour-long food tasting and cultural walking tour of Oaxaca city. Besides sampling some fabulous food from street vendors, we’ll also visit a market and see how Oaxacan chocolate is made. You’ll get the chance to taste a variety of Oaxacan street food specialties such as memelas, tlayudas, tamales, chapulines, and more!

The cost for our street and market food tour is $150 US for one to three people, and $50 US per person for three people or more and includes ample food and drink samples. We can accommodate food restrictions if you let us know in advance. Come hungry! 

Please send us a message to book this tour. 

Tortillas on the Comal

Village Market Food Tour
We’ll visit a village outside of Oaxaca city on market day and learn about market culture, sample some of the local specialties at some of the food stalls in the market as well as an in-depth look at how tortillas, the staple of the Mexican diet since ancient times, are made. We’ll then go to the home of a local family to share a meal with them.

One Week Culinary Tour of Oaxaca
Want to spend a longer time exploring Oaxacan food and culture? We’re happy to make up a customized tour for you including street food, market tours, and cooking classes. We can also arrange your accommodation and any other activities you might like to include.

Contact us for more information.

Our clients say...

We thoroughly enjoyed our three-hour market and street food walking tour with Discover Oaxaca Tours. Make sure to come hungry. This was our first trip to Oaxaca, and the tour was a great way to learn about local cuisine and city history. Suzanne was a fantastic guide -- friendly and knowledgeable, and able to tailor the itinerary to our interests. One of our friends wasn't feeling well, and we were so appreciative that Suzanne went out of her way to buy him herbal tea at the market. We enthusiastically recommend this tour company to anyone visiting Oaxaca.
Discover Oaxaca Tours was recommended to me by a food writer in Mexico. We wanted a tour that combined visits to Mitla and Monte Alban with visits to village markets and a home cooking experience in one of the villages. We had an experience that was beyond our expectations in the span of a two day tour. I can't recommend this service enough. Suzanne, who was our guide, was incredibly accommodating, easy to spend many hours with and a wealth of knowledge coming from her 20 plus years of living and raising a family in Oaxaca. Her knowledge of the local ancient and recent history (as well as the history of Mexico in general), the indigenous cultures of Oaxaca and their traditions was encyclopedic. Definitely five stars/EXCELLENT!
Tripadvisor Owl
Suzanne walked us through Oaxacan history, key points of interest in the city center, and the whole tour was sprinkled with delicious, authentic street food, which we loved. We learned so much about the local fare and felt much more acquainted with the city lay out. We also booked an all day excursion to a local village where we experienced the art of making mole negro from scratch and a beautiful demonstration of wool rug weaving. It was such a special day, one we will cherish forever! Suzanne is kind, generous and so knowledgeable about the city and the culture. We had a wonderful experience and highly recommend this company!

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