About Oaxaca

About Oaxaca

Oaxaca is one of the most interesting and beautiful locations in Mexico. Although economically one of the poorest states in the Mexican Republic, it has great wealth in other respects. Home to 16 ethnic groups, Oaxaca has a rich and vibrant cultural tradition. It offers an abundance of attractions to visitors. From its fascinating history which you can enjoy through the ancient sites and colonial architecture to present-day culture evident in its exuberant festivities, excellent cuisine, and superb handicrafts, Oaxaca is full of experiences to delight your senses. Those of us who know it well consider it magical!

Located 452 km (280 miles) to the South-East of Mexico City, Oaxaca is the fifth-largest state in Mexico. Oaxaca has a spectacular variety of landscape and climatic conditions, from tropical along the Pacific coast, temperate in the central valleys to cloud forest in the Northern Sierra region. It is also the state with the greatest biodiversity with over 15 000 species of plants and animals native to the area.

The capital, Oaxaca City, is located in the Central Valleys, a Y-shaped valley system that has been consistently inhabited by humans for over 10 000 years. Thanks to its elevation, 1550 meters (5260 ft) above sea level, the valley enjoy a mild climate year-round.

Oaxaca City is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. It’s a beautiful colonial city surrounded by the Sierra Madre mountain range. The heart of the city is the Z√≥calo (town plaza), which is a great place to sit, have some refreshment and watch the people go by. There are also many museums, galleries and shops to discover as well as local markets to peruse. Oaxaca is an excellent destination for a holiday or extended stay, with something to offer people of all ages. It is a city brimming with arts and culture.

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